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a life saver

I'm not trying to sound dramatic but I stumbled across a product that is a life saver. I know what you're thinking, how can one little product be a lifesaver? Well, this product is and I'm about to tell you why. If you're like me, you have normal skin but sometimes the worst breakouts attack your face and no matter what you do, those spots are here to stay. No amount of product will evict them. Over the course of the last month or so, maybe two months really, my skin has been atrocious. Normally, my skin is very good, clear with the occasional couple of spots when I'm stressed. But this, this has been my forehead covered in tiny little spots that you can't squeeze because you just end up making your head bleed in like ten places. This cam with bigger spots, mainly in my hairline and at the top of my forehead, occasionally on my cheeks and nose. I've tried so many different products and resisted squeezing as much as possible but it's hard when you want t…

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