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Alphabet of Inspiring Women

Ciao lovelies, if you read my last post: International Women's Day, you know that I've been kind of absent from this blog, purely because I've been busy with work and unable to think of creative blog ideas. That being said, this post is a creative sort and was inspired by the lovely Eilidh. She posted her A-Z (ish) of Inspiring Women and it started me thinking about all of the women that have inspired me throughout my life. I've decided to try and create my own ABC of inspirational women. Obviously, this is a challenge for me because the moment I try to think of something, like inspiring women, my mind goes blank. But, this post is the perfect follow up to my previous one. So, without further ado let's get on with my alphabet of inspiring women.

Amanda Abbington
Anybody that knows me vaguely well, knows that I love Sherlock and it's cast. Before the show, I didn't really know much about Amanda Abbington but in recent years she's become a staple in my lif…

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