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Blackberry bath bomb

The winter has not been kind to me. I've been struck down, once again, with a rotten cold. It's the third or fourth time I've been ill this winter which, well, I'm not happy about it. My solution is to mope around feeling sorry for myself and have long hot relaxing baths. The best way to go about this is either with a lush cocktail or bath bomb. The other morning, after three nights of practically no sleep (my own fault I was watching Drag Race until ridiculous o'clock) I decided a bath bomb was in order. I looked at the ones in my collection (I'm almost running out now) and picked up this blue one. It's simple in look, a pale pastel blue shade with BOMB on the side. It's called the blackberry bomb and is not one I've used before. So, I filled the bath, stepped in and popped the bath bomb in. It started to fizz immediately and bob on the surface of some bubbles I'd put in their - it was a mixture of honey bubble bath and a salted caramel one. T…

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