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Take a look in my room

If you're anything like me, you love nosing around people's bedrooms. At uni, whenever I went into somebodies bedroom I couldn't help but spend a good five minutes looking around and touching things, I've probably got a problem or something. Somebody commented on an Instagram post of mine before saying that they were intrigued and trying to get a sense of my bedroom, this was a while ago, so I thought that I'd do a little blog post and show you my bedroom.

I'm in love with my wallpaper, it's a mellitic pink that just shimmers in the light. My bedroom was technically finished at the beginning of the year, sans my new bed, but after my chest of drawers decided to die, it was time to do a little bit of a reshuffle. I chose two sets, to be safe, in Ikea and have spent the better part of my weekend sorting out all of my stuff. I also took a break to tidy and organise my little sister's wardrobe, it's been quite a productive weekend. This is what my bedro…

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