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Inspired by #bookloversday I thought I'd do a little post dedicated to the books that have captivated and inspired me over the past year, maybe longer, if that book was exceptionally good. Firstly, this post is a day late because I forgot to write it yesterday, naughty me. #Bookloversday is on the 9th August, not the tenth, so mark your calendars ready for next year and remember to celebrate it on the right day, unlike me. 
I have quite a collection of books, something that is constantly expanding and being reorganised, I'm very particular with the arrangement of my books. As you can see in the above pictures, this is just one shelf that I am organising into a rainbow just because the colours are so pretty, I thought I'd try to highlight them. The shelf below has the Fallen seriesby Lauren Kate, which was a staple of my teenage reading, along with some non-fiction books that I purchased as writing aids. The ones you can see are mainly about crime and psychology and such, …

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